Angry Young Thing

Space Arts Centre

January, 2017

One revolutionary’s revolutionary quest to revolutionise the world. One high school mock election at a time…


"See, the problem at my age is, no matter how much you really do understand... people will never believe it. That's why you have to be prepared to do some pretty intense shit. Like my signs. Or... like going on a march. Only... a march down Downing Street, with fifty other people, but you're not wearing clothes you're wearing straight jackets and masks. Or... tying yourself up to the tree in your MP's front garden in just your bra and pants, with, 'DO NOT OBJECTIFY ME' written in Sharpie on your tits."

"Incredibly funny" - Theatre Weekly ★★★★
"Hermione Granger gone wrong... hugely entertaining and engaging." - Views From the Gods ★★★★


Sally's Alright

Etcetera Theatre

August, 2016

A show for people who are FINE.

Distracted by boredom and her delusions of fame, Sally, the comedy club cleaner, has convinced herself that the empty stage is desperate for her grand debut.

In this intimate, yet outlandish conversation, she exclusively reveals all about her life, love and loss to her fans. Whether they are asking - or even there at all - is another matter...

Combining story-telling with stand-up and touches of cabaret, this solo show explores the reality of being a washed-up twenty-something.


"Think David Brent or Alan Partridge but female and fabulous" - Female Arts ★★★★
"The wonderful Sarah Tattersall is one of the Fringe's greatest discoveries... she displays real ability as a performer/writer, and can only go from strength to strength... definitely one to watch." - Everything Theatre ★★★★
"superbly delivered in a smooth enjoyable fashion with plenty of jokes to keep the audience laughing." - London Theatres 1 ★★★★
"a highly comedic, imaginitave story" - A Younger Theatre